False Hope Syndrome

by Teenage Daydreams

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Jake Very nice, sort of electro-grungegaze with spacey synth lines, all sung in falsetto. Quite reminiscent of Rebecca Peake, just on the off-chance you know who that is. Favorite track: False Hope Syndrome.
Dan Leithauser
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Dan Leithauser Dense indie guitar oriented rock with super pleasant vocals. RIYL "girl oriented hard rock", Infinity Girl, Giant Drag (both here on Bandcamp)
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    I'm just a fucked up teenage dreamer :p

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A teenage daydream swallowed me completely, you can not know me, you will only ever listen


released January 1, 2014

Aidan Christopher Haughey



all rights reserved


Teenage Daydreams Portland, Oregon

I was just a daydream anyways

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Track Name: Emotional Lightning Girl
Met you how? It's out of my head.
Met you once while I was dead
Called my fingers to your heart
You struck me with your eyes and
Gave up for you
Broke it for you
Am I selfish enough

I Love You
Fucked up shapes are in my head
I never cared till you did
Bleeding out, from bleeding in
It's all the same when you're shit
I feel like today it matters
I feel like today I care

I Love you

Even though you never there
Even though I'm always scared
And bleeding

I hope it's over
I hope i die
I hope I see you one more time
Track Name: I Love You Babe
Naked, sleeping the rain
Making puddles with our day dreams
You're the one that I found all sleepy
crawled up inside you
and made it all sticky

And now it's starting to break
Hiding under the waves of defeated times
I know we're all afraid
To open up our lives
But if you wonder
Things might fly

Watch out I've got eyes for you
I'm walking toward everything you do
So watch out it gets stronger from here
I'll kiss you, I'll love you, I'll kiss you, I'll love you
Wake up in a day by the sea
Blowing sand and you're my favorite thing

I love you but I'm scared
Of who you are of where we'll go
I love you, it makes such sense to me
And if it works out, I know we'll be happy
I love you, I'll try to steal your heart
Make love with your mind
Track Name: Hearts Touching
And you want to forget yesterday's nightmare
Everyone you face is covered in lies
It's so strange that you never ever cried
It's so strange tha you never ever loved
I hate the way that you used me
but I love the way that you smile

Feel my flesh
Hearts touching

Drop the temperature, start to freeze
Little deaths happening inside of me
Everybody loves when I scream
Start to shiver, Get the chills
Burn it up, Just for kills

Feel my flesh
Hearts Touching
Track Name: I Don't Want to Hate
Punch me, hit me as hard as you can
Hurt me make sure I bleed
When I'm dead
It wont help

I cry so hard at night
and fall apart
dreaming of nothing

When I'm dead
It wont help
When I'm dead
You'll whisper
Track Name: False Hope Syndrome
feeling bad so
All of the time
I want to die but
I'm scared to

Straight down
to you

All alone still
Never feels the same
I never feel okay

Straight Down
to you
Track Name: Dead Best Friends
Woke up dreaming of you
and all my dead best friends
Made me wanna smile
And I know that you're thinking
this is all just a lie
telling you to shut it

It's the summer after all

and just cuz you're older
doesn't mean you don't care
thinking that it gets slower
as your life disappears
I'm drowning for you

It's the summer after all
Track Name: Getting High Every Day
Burned out waves
Fuzzy eyes
All we do
Is try to hide
Can't trust you, anymore
You always lie

All the days spent out at night
Turn it back for
Just the chance that you might be okay
I'm so sorry that I said all the things
That you heard

No one cares about your life
It's too small
Lost in side the forest walls
Scared no more
All the days spent out at night
Turn it back for just the chance
that you might be okay
I'm so sorry I said
All the words
that you heard
Track Name: Licking
You are the sweetest piece of air I breath
Lying down on top of everything
Interrupted by the sound of peace
This is just beginning

And in the evenings you are laughing
And n the summer you are doomed
And everything that's ever loved
Lives deep inside of you

You are the sun
You are the best

And in the summer you will die
And in the evening you will bloom
And everything that's ever loved
Lives deep inside of you
And all the people that are laughing
Always live to see the end
Track Name: Colors
Old enough to cry
I laugh at the colors
They're beautiful to watch
as we touch each other
I like to swim
I'm lost alone
I don't want your help
I'm afraid of love
I'll drown it in colors
I'll drown it and dream
I'll wake up without you
and cry as I scream
I feel so
Track Name: Dreaming With Hope
Poem, writing for you
It never ever stops
Sitting, Alone in this room
My heart
And now it’s all bloody
Coughing up what you fed me
I know I shouldn’t want it
When we touch
Explosions, fire in my head
Fire but
I’m so broken, you’re so alone
It’s all wrong
I can’t help
What I feel
Now it’s poison
We’re falling down
We’re falling down
I’ll catch you I’ll kiss you, I’ll catch you I’ll kiss you
Wake up
Holding you
In the light
I’m not scared
Track Name: Summer Lush
Memories of yesterday
Woke up to your face and
Talked a lot about our thoughts
I kissed you soft
Sunny eyes sunny hair
Rolled around
Lovers lost Love is fair
Summer lush

Moving deep inside the light
Hold you and I kiss you

Dandelion spitting race
Stupid things that I said
Finding out each others pace
On the rocky Beaches
But now it's gone
You're never there

Moving deep inside the light
Hold you down and kiss you
Moving deep inside the light
Hold you and I whisper
I like it after all
I feel it in the day
It's such a summer lush
It's such a summer rain