Romance Memories

by Teenage Daydreams

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Lucky Lu Probably I´ve listen to this album about 200 times since I know it.
Makes you dream and come back to those teen melancholic days. Favorite track: CRUSH.
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This album is the product of seven months of sheer determination. I made it entirely on my own, after losing the most beautiful love I had ever experienced. I went through sooooooo fucking much to make this album, I tried to killed myself, literally, it was an insane time and a crazy adventure, I traveled to nyc with no real plan or expectation, after being suddenly thrown out by the girl I gave my heart to-I booked a plane on a days notice and have eventually ended up here, I did everything on the album, all the instruments all the singing, all the recording and mixing and mastering. And I did it all for love, because that's what I believe in, that's what makes me happy. Even though everything went wrong during those seven months, even though my computer broke for a month and I thought the whole album was lost, even though I had to live on nothing but pancakes and I got fucked over sooo many times by assholes, I did it, and I did it for love. So fuck it.


released March 3, 2013

Aidan Christopher Haughey-Everything, aside from the drums on tracks 3, 8, and 10, those were by David! Although I wrote them, heh heh heh



all rights reserved


Teenage Daydreams Portland, Oregon

I was just a daydream anyways

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Track Name: I Remember Dying
You know we were happy
Tangled up in our web
Rolling those sweet sweet kisses
All day
And then life broke in on you
And me
And then I gave up

It's okay, we're only interested in ourselves
It's no wonder, they try to die
It's okay, I only love you
It only hurts, for a while
I remember dying
I remember dying, and the rest
Happy after all
Happy in the end
Track Name: Explode Into A Million Pieces Of Nothing And Blow Your Tears
You wake up, it's your birthday
Your fucked up, You are thirsty
You're so thirsty

We grow up
We get old
We wont die
We'll just fold
We Wont lie
We'll just grow
In all ways

We love this life
We want this life

Track Name: Pink Petals
Always, over arms
Never learned it all
Forget who you are


All day
Never had this

Softest lovers day
Sinking into you
Petals of
You sticky and warm
I like to touch
It's so sweet when we go into each other

All day
Never had this
Track Name: Bedroom Romance Fantasy
Waiting for you
Alone in my room
Smoke away the time
Smoke away the time
Curled up underneath guitars
Sleeping to death
Dreaming of stars

Floating through my life

Running through warmth
A place that has meaning
Holding hands
Run throughout time
And leave all too ugly things behind
Burning, all up in, memories

Floating through my life
Floating through my mind
Track Name: CRUSH
I like to
Hold your hand
And fall apart
Everyday becomes
Everyday becomes

All the time

(secret words)

Holding this inside my mind
I just laugh before I die you said
Before I die you said
Holding back for more
Holding back for

Every night I close my eyes
Try to wake up by your side
Track Name: Seventeen
Pull the covers
Over your eyes
Force a weak little smile

Every time it get's harder to pretend that you care
It's okay, I'm the same way
It only really works out the first time

You don't have to anymore
You can runaway
You don't have to anymore
We should run away

And I know it sucks to have to grow up
Get a job, on your birthday
It's never the same after this, no
All your friends will grow and move away
You will lose, your best friend
But it's okay
Track Name: Eleanor
You know that it's the best when
Things don't happen like you plan
Thrown in a world of constant
Love and melting hands
Reach for what you want
And only cry if you're okay

I love your love a lot and
hope to see you more for days
Track Name: Fuck You
So you smiled so inside
No one cares
This is all just a joke

Though you're cool
With your friends
I have to
Begin again

Fuck you

And I care about your feelings
But it hurts so I'll just go
I will fall into a black hole
With no way out
I just want to die
I just want to die

Though you're cool
With your friends
I have to
Begin again
Begin again
Track Name: Suicide Dreamers
You make heart shaped sounds all day
You like to cry a lot
And when something good happens to you
You think it's fate
You laugh all of the time
You're always smiling
Sunny in the rain
This is your surprise

Nobody cares
All alone
Kill yourself

Your friends don't know where you go
When you're alone
You're kind of scared to ask
Why am I alive?
When everything's down on you
When everything's down on life
Things just really hurt
All of the time

Nobody cares
All alone
Kill yourself
Track Name: Missing You
Mountains drifting apart in the background
Silk sleek goddess next to you
I don't know what I should do
I want to kiss you on the mouth


Get's closer to the wall
Of your heart
Bend over
Get ready for my love
For art

And I miss you

It's all the same
Without your voice
It's all the same
Without your words
And I miss you

Tell me how you feel